One week till departure!

4 Jan

It still hasn’t hit me that in exactly one week I will be traveling across the Atlantic Ocean from Chicago and arriving in the beautiful Eternal City, Rome. Unfortunately, my mom wants to kill me because I haven’t packed a single thing. Instead, I ‘ll be staying up late to watch 4 of my favorite movies set in Rome to amp myself up!!


#1 When in Rome. With the Olsen twins! No brainer. The cheesier the better!


#2 The Lizzie Mcguire Movie. A blast from the past! Not only is Paolo gorgeous, but the song, “What Dreams are Made of,” may just be the theme song to my entire semester.


#3 Roman Holiday. A classic Audrey Hepburn flick (I’m really hoping her exquisite fashion sense inspires me to start packing..)


#4 Eurotrip. Which will undoubtedly psychme up for Europe’s crazy nightlife, travel adventures, and nude beaches.

Don’t worry, I’ll start packing… probably the day before I leave!



2 Responses to “One week till departure!”

  1. Nostra January 4, 2013 at 10:33 am #

    It’s a beautiful city and I’m sure these movies will get you in the mood. Maybe it’s a good idea to also add in a more historic movie like Gladiator or something similar.

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