Mom, I didn’t blackout

12 Jan


And let me tell ya, these people don’t mess around.

I went out with a girl from Marquette, Allison, and some of her friends. Like I said, we went back to Tony’s because it’s just THAT good! But don’t worry, I’ll start switchin it up. I had the spaghetti carbonara which is a classic Roman dish. I must say, Big Rich (the best dad in the world) makes an unbelievable carbonara sauce that definitely measures up to what I had!



FYI dad: cause I know you like to reinvent the wheel, don’t lose the onion and parsley, it wasn’t the same without it! I almost made the rookie mistake of getting the table water with our vino, but water isn’t free here and I’m a cheapo! The pizza here is phenom and this should be everyone’s first stop in Trastevere! Tony, the owner brought out free dessert and wine! WINNING!

Next we went down the street to someone’s off campus apartment. Perfect location, but Rome has very strict noise laws so I don’t think the constant “shushing” is worth it. Met this hot Italian American who has family in L’Aquila and is visiting them next weekend, I totally wanna get in on that! From there we walked right downstairs to G Dee-Jay Bar and it was 5 euro unlimited shots for ladies! The DJ was on a balcony and pullin out so many hip hop oldies, it was UNREAL.



After we completely took advantage of the deal and Andrea and Fabio (the bartenders), our pack went off to another bar. Sidenote: my parents were curious and yes there are still a ton of cigarette smokers! We met this guy named Reed (like Criminal Minds, just cuter and actually normal) and he went here last semester so he led the 15 of us. It was a long hike over the Tiber River to Campo de’ Fiori and on the way Reed pointed out the ruins where Caesar was killed. Imagine 15 drunk kids freaking out over Caesar’s death.. hysterical.


We ended up at Scholars Lounge which is an Irish bar. It was so cool and they were playing the best music. The minute I walked in Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark went on, bringin it back with the oldies! I amazed myself at how outgoing I was compared to how I am in the states. The bathroom was co-ed, so as I’m washing my hands next to an older Italian man we just started talking in Italian about family and random stuff. Casual. But then I met this guy from Manchester.. HOLY ACCENT! I died. It’s so unfortunate that their accents make them so much cuter than they are! I think I told him to take me to a Manchester game and he said he has season tickets, BOOYAH.


How we found our way home, I couldn’t tell you. My navigation skills were above par last night.

Until next time,

View from our kitchen window

View from our kitchen window



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