Being all touristy

14 Jan

You can’t get more touristy than a large group of Americans with dorky headphone radios and giant cameras hanging from their necks jumping on and off transportation around the city with a Roman tour guide. We had John Cabot’s Navigation 101 where we were supposed to learn how to use the bus, tram, and train systems of Rome. That will take a lot of practice because my tour guide said something about validating tickets (have no clue what she’s talking about) or else you could get an outrageous fine.

We walked from campus to the Colosseum. It’s about a 25 minute walk although it was longer because we had to stop to take pictures of every damn church and monument.




And let me tell you, there are a lot of churches and monuments in Rome.

It’s so sad to pass by all of the people laying on the street asking for money. We passed a woman without a nose, legit it was just 2 holes in her face. They’re all over. I remember when I was in line at the Vatican years ago, there was an old woman on the ground holding a baby and the woman’s scalp was cut off. Also, the street vendors are pains in the butt! And those people who dress up to take pictures with tourists.

Picture stolen from roommate, Alex

Picture stolen from roommate, Alex

Of course they don’t tell you that a picture costs money, but thank god I’m smarter and saved a couple people from that trap.

I have been to the Colosseum before, but never entered from this side. It was gorgeous to see be able to see it from all the way down the street and then walk all the way up to it. Allison ditched her group and snuck into mine, so thankfully I had someone to take touristy pics with!



Picture 14


From there it was planes, trains, and automobiles.. well trains, buses, and trams. We went to Termini station which is the HUGE train station in Rome, built in the late 1800s! We walked through other piazzas with very high end shopping and hotels and stood next to smelly Italians on the bus.. very normal.


Later in the day I got my first gelato of the semester down the street from my apartment!!! Got pistachio and it was the BOMB! I think that’s my dad’s favorite, Big Rich knows best.


It was our friend Sari’s 21st birthday, she pregamed dinner with a bottle of Lemoncello. We tried finding this pizza place, Dar Poeta, but got lost. I asked people for directions and it seemed like they loved being able to help, but it didn’t help. I’m so thankful I didn’t bring any heels because I would be wiping out all over these cobblestones. I saw a couple girls in pumps and they looked so dumb. We ended up at this adorable restaurant full of locals called La Casetta di Trastevere. It looked like the restaurant in Love Actually when Colin Firth proposes. There was clothes hanging on lines from the ceiling and 3 levels of seating.


I got Cacio e Pepe which is the classic Roman version on Mac n Cheese, and holy crap.. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! Everyone was nibbling off my plate, it was just THAT good.


We went back to Scholars Lounge for the rest of the night. It’s honestly so cool. The entire staff is from Ireland and the place is packed with locals and students from John Cabot and other schools. Allison and I are the best wing women for each other. Like my mom told me, not having my phone definitely allows me to meet so many more people. Met this Roman who looks like what Andrew Lincoln (Walking Dead)+Bradley Cooper+Jude Law’s child would look like.



If Jude Law, Bradley Cooper, and Andrew Lincoln had a child..

If Jude Law, Bradley Cooper, and Andrew Lincoln had a child..

As if crossing the ocean wasn’t enough to get away from the cheese heads, the Packers game was on the projector screen, and there were tons of peoples in jerseys. Terrible. We closed the bar at 4 and I had the best Sunday ever because of it. Woke up at 5pm and never got out of bed. It’s thunderstormed all night and I START CLASS TODAY! WOOOHOOO…

Taking a trip to the grocery store first thing this morning.. this should be good.

Until next time, Ciao!!


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  1. Judy Cerone January 16, 2013 at 1:07 am #

    That Girl—–You are a local already. Love ur blog! Your Nani Judy. Be safe!

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