Who the hell gets hit on in a church!

18 Jan

Something like that would only happen to me..

The great thing about having a 4 day weekend, besides the obvious, is being able to explore the city and see everything. On this exploration we headed up to Vatican City and Saint Peter’s Basilica. On the walk there (25 min away) we stepped into this little cafe/bar and had espresso & croissants. Although people look at you strange if you ask for coffee “to go” (which I would never do) I love standing up at the counter, quickly throwin down the shot of espresso, and moving on with my day.

Allison's cappuccino & nutella croissant. YUM!

Allison’s cappuccino & nutella croissant. YUM!

From there we walked right up to Saint Peter’s Basilica. There were so many people walking around the square, lots of asians throwing up the peace signs for pictures, and SO many puppies!! Honestly.. if I see another puppy in a rain jacket (with hood) or a cashmere sweater, I’ll die. I MISS MY CAMI!!!!

Many people might not know this, but during the winter months here it rains almost every day! Thankfully we made it just minutes before the torrential downpour..




Take note of my appearance for reference later on in the story..

Once the rain stopped we headed in, taking advantage of there being no lines because come April this place will be mobbed. We quietly moseyed our way around the church.





We didn’t realize that they were starting to get ready for mass, so the security guards started moving everyone back behind barricades. The security guard that shooed us back started making conversation. Fortunately I can understand Italian really well and can get by with speaking the basics, they really appreciate the effort. He was being a little flirty, but come on, when are Italian men NOT being flirty? We finally walked away and headed to the door when all of a sudden someone tapped my back, it was him again! He chased me to the door and asked for my “numero di telefono italiano”. Thank GOD I never got an Italian phone because I’m a terrible liar. Great part was that he is like 40 years old, but 40’s the new 20, right?. THE BEST PART WAS THAT HIS NAME’S LUIGI!!!!! MY LIFE! Mario and Luigi, we’ll probably just run off, get married, and have children: Yoshi, Wario, and Peach. Keep in mind, I looked like butt. Rockin the wet fro hair!



No matter how annoying, creepy, or just uncomfortable the Italian men make me feel, I’m definitely eating it all up because I know when I go home and go back to Victor’s (bar up at school) and no one tries to hit on me, I’m gonna miss it.

We spent the rest of the night shopping and walking around. I know Big Rich would get a huge kick out of this, but there are men at every busy street corner in Rome roasting chestnuts. Unfortunately, I think they’re disgusting and can’t stand the texture, but how cool!


On a more serious note.. I SAW MY BEST FRIEND EMMA THE OTHER NIGHT!!!!! DAAAAAHHHHH!!! We freaked out. FREAKED OUT. It was karaoke night at Scholar’s and we signed up for Super Bass – Nicki Minaj. Classic. Sadly, I left before everyone could witness my bomb rapping skills, but Emma did her thannng..


I also ran into other Palatine people: Gianna Abruzzo, Kaitlyn Fanning, and Chris Vainisi!! And I met the sister of the Alpha Phi who preffed me, Claire Vasiljevich. It’s crazy the people you run into when you’ve traveled miles across an ocean. It’s also crazy that I’ve made so many new Marquette friends since I’ve been here and it’s kinda sad that it’s taken the trip across the Atlantic to meet these amazing people!


Oh last night we went out with Kurt (my good friend from Marquette), his roomies, and my roomies. He almost walked out of the apartment wearing his Marquette sweatshirt, but don’t worry Giuliana I forced him to change because I was not going to be seen out with him wearing that.

Later in the night we all ventured out to Campo de’ Fiori where we met up with a ton of Marquette students. The bartender got up on the bar and was pouring shots in everyones mouths, so I thought, why not?! Bad idea. I was way to0 far from him, so when he poured it went all down my shirt and in my eye. Alcohol in the eyeball.. SO PAINFUL!! He felt terrible and came around the bar to apologize. I thought it was hilarious, but he was sweet and compensated for the mess.

The excitement continues…

Until next time, Ciao!!


6 Responses to “Who the hell gets hit on in a church!”

  1. Rich daddy January 19, 2013 at 12:59 am #

    Ahhhhhh! Cafe and Cornetto enjoy every day cause it doesn’t get any better!
    Props to Allison on her choice!
    I’d like to get the final word on the roasted chestnuts?

    • marlomarisie January 19, 2013 at 1:49 am #

      I can’t try them.. you’ll need to come here to try them yourself 🙂

  2. Giuliana Scardina January 19, 2013 at 7:31 am #

    omg marlo hahaha love the Kurt comment. good job! miss and love you all 🙂

    • marlomarisie January 19, 2013 at 11:45 am #

      Hahah I feel like I need to play Mom since you’re not here and pick out his clothes the night before.

  3. Juan January 20, 2013 at 4:41 am #


    • marlomarisie January 22, 2013 at 9:08 pm #


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