You can call me Christopher Colombus up in here!

18 Jan

The things I just happen to discover (aka stumble upon) are just… breathtaking.

I only have school Mon-Wed (Weekend Wednesday, WADDUP!), with one class on tuesday being photojournalism. I’m really excited about this class because photography has always been one of my biggest passion, no matter how amateur I may be. I’m trying to capture moments that truly portray Italian life, but I’m finding it awkward to snap candids of randoms.


There was this little old man playing the accordion on the bridge and everytime I went to sneak a pic he’d see me creepin.

Rome sweet Rome

Rome sweet Rome


My teacher told us that with fashion week events coming up, she’s going to get some students to go, get good seats, and take awesome high fashion pictures!! IM ALL IN FOR THAT OFFER! But honestly, the Roman teachers (like many Romans) think they rule the world and that their shit don’t stink, so they treat us Americans realllllly poorly.

Class ended at noon. Terrible time to be outside in Trastevere. Everyday at noon a cannon is shot from the top of Gianicolo Hill and everyday I’m not prepared. I honestly act like we’re under attack and do some duck-n-cover move. It’s loud, scary, and I feel like I live in some war zone.

Anyway, after class Allison and I decided to go explore. We were aiming for the Trevi Fountain but with her poor navigation skills (wait till you hear about later) we didn’t make it there. We were pretty much playing eenie meenie minie mo to choose which streets to take. We went down an alley and there was this one bakery, OMG. Even from outside it smelled like my Nonna’s kitchen when she used to bake. They had cannoli, pizzelle, zeppole, sfogliatelle, and so much more. ZOMG. The best part was the back room: tables and tables of absinthe.



I’m waiting to try it in Amsterdam or Prague. I heard all it actually does is makes you have hallucinogenic dreams, but I have some pretty messed up dreams as it is so I don’t know how much more I can handle..

At the end of the road we hit this huge brick cylindrical structure, but of course thought nothing of it (idiots). Before going to the other side we went into La Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva. Like every other church in Rome, it was so gorgeous and intricate.




Now we leave and start walking around the huge cylindrical building that we passed behind and I literally say, “Holy Shit, it’s the Pantheon.”


It was just the greatest accidental discovery ever. Not planning for it made the exploration that much better. The Pantheon was filled with those creepy men that dress up to take pictures. One asked me if I wanted a kiss. Yeah, no.. the only time men here call us “bella” is when they’re looking for money.



Then I remembered that my friend at home, Caroline, told me that THE BEST gelato in Rome is right by the Pantheon. She even gave me a riddle to find it..

With my back to the Pantheon, I turn to the right (upper right alleyway).

Pass two crossroads, do not take a fright!

When you’ve gone through the alleyway and can’t go straight no more,

Look to the right and walk through Heaven’s door.

And there it was, good ol’ Giolitti’s!


A gelato place is legit if the Banana flavor is white

A gelato place is legit if the Banana flavor is white

Fragola (strawberry) and Mango

Fragola (strawberry) and Mango

It was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I don’t even want to waste my time at any other place. And it was cheap! BONUS! The chocolate chip was also amazing. Next time I need to go for the tiramisu and hazelnut!

Next I went to the grocery store and if you could tell in the previous picture I brought my duffle bag to bag everything. In Italy they make you pay for grocery bags so all the students bring duffle bags. Unfortunately, the store closest to me (still a 20 min walk) is closing this sunday and opening in a week under a new company aka THEY HAVE NOTHING IN THE FRIGGIN STORE! I got everything except mozzarella and garlic. I can’t even make a bowl of pasta or caprese salad without those ingredients. I call bullshit. Anyway, I spent $70 USD on not that much groceries and lugged it all in this duffle. Because of this I will forever have the worst back problems and be a chronically miserable human being.

To make matters worse, as I’m lugging my 80 pound duffle, 15 pound purse full of pasta, and 3 grocery bags through campus, the men standing outside the restaurants are STILL trying to hit on me. While I’m on the verge of my dying, friggin Giuseppe the host of some restaurant tries to make conversation and gives me my first real Italian cheek kiss of the semester. F you Giusepp, can’t you see I’m strugglin.

I passed out for 3 hours when I got home. Like actually collapsed. Although itt wasn’t until I put a load of laundry in which, oh wait have I told you, TAKES 3 HOURS TO WASH. And I don’t have a drier. LIFE IS AWESOME. I woke up at 7 and forget that I was supposed to meet a friend a half hour earlier to book our Prague trip, whoops. Met up with Navigator Allison and she was confidently in charge of directions. We crossed the river and walked a half hour north until I realized we hadn’t passed any streets on the directions. Then we crossed back over the Tiber, walked under one bridge and all of a sudden we see this..

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica

For the second time in one day I was completely mind blown. When you’re not expecting to see anything but little cafes and gelatorias this is the best surprise in the world. This was the “Screw Reed, lets hang out here,” moment.



At this point we were astonished and proud of our accidental accomplishment so we had no expectations of actually finding our friends. We headed back to campus: walked… and walked.. and walked… through interstate bridges, along the river, and through absolute ghettos (straight chainsaw massacre business) until we realized we had been walking the complete opposite direction towards our friend’s place. 3 hours after we said we’d be there, we show up and don’t even book our trip.

Long story short, we’ve booked our Prague trip for Valentine’s Day weekend and I could not be happier! We have the best crew and now I’m addicted to trip planning! Florence, Dublin, and Budapest are now in the works.

Finally, Big Rich calls me to see wassup and once I tell him I’m hanging at my friends apartment, I receive this..


Miss him so much. But then again, I miss everyone! Love you all!!

Ciao!!! (PS. Really funny post on its way!)


5 Responses to “You can call me Christopher Colombus up in here!”

  1. Rich January 18, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    I’d Pass on the Absinthe and take a double sfogliatelle. BTW, the best sfogliatelle are found in the southern parts of Italy, Sicily & Naples. Enjoy!

  2. Caroline January 18, 2013 at 10:45 pm #

    Weee!!! I’m so glad you found Giolitti’s!!! Loving all of your posts 🙂 Miss you, woman!

    • marlomarisie January 19, 2013 at 2:08 am #

      Had it again today!!!! OMG it’s the best! Miss you CAROL!

      • Jill January 19, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

        Thank God you are walking a lot! All I see is food and booze. You already have an Italian culo.

      • marlomarisie January 19, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

        Everyone wants a big booty hoe. I’ve never walked so much in my life. This calls for a pedicure when I return.

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