Update: Papa Benedetto XVI

12 Feb

I spoke too soon!

Yesterday when I went to the Vatican, the afternoon of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation announcement, I was shocked, confused, and thought I was going crazy. It was just like any average day. Today on the other hand, was the exact opposite. People must have traveled to Rome over night, or were just hiding inside from the storm yesterday because today the square was packed with students, families, nuns, and reporters.

Longest line I've seen this year!

Longest line I’ve seen this year!




Press was everywhere! It was a mad house! But it’s true, this is the bread and butter of their work. The reason for their existence as reporters in Rome. I walked past many reporters interviewing nuns..


I too had my fair share of fun with the nuns! My favorite was this nun below who stood right in front of the church for at least an hour: crying, praying, and grasping onto her rosary with all her might.





With the Italian elections right around the corner, the church opposing homosexual marriage more than ever, and Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement, the Italian news outlets have more than enough to work with. I caught this woman leaning near the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square reading today’s paper with the front page photograph that everyone is talking about!


Last night while I was in class, the lightening was striking, the thunder was booming, and students who were walking in looked as if they had just taken a dip in the Tiber. The storm was insane, but little did I think of the symbolism of the storm until this image was released.

Lightning striking down on the tip of St. Peter's Basilica (Source: The Guardian)

Lightning striking down on the tip of St. Peter’s Basilica (Source: The Guardian)

All I can say is God is pretty pissed. But many others are also upset and shocked that he would step down in the midst of many controversies, including the sex and child abuse scandals. Nonetheless it will be very interesting to see who’s next.. Will our next Pope be black? YA NEVA KNOW!

(Source: Mirror News)

(Source: Mirror News)

Until next time, Ciao!!


One Response to “Update: Papa Benedetto XVI”

  1. Maryellen February 12, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    How exciting to be there for this historical event! ❤

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