Study Abroad Bucket List (Revisited)

23 May

Study Abroad Bucket List

#1 Make a guard at Buckingham palace laugh (CHECK)


#2 Enjoy a “treat” in an Amsterdam coffee shop (CHECK)

#3 St. Patty’s Day in Dublin

#4 Go to an AC Milan soccer game (Did go to an Italian soccer game though!)

#5 Walk the red light district (CHECK)

#6 Spend Easter in Vatican City (CHECK)


#7 Cliff dive off the Amalfi Coast (CHECK)


#8 See Fun. in Rome

#9 Recreate the Beatles’ Abbey Road cover

#10 Meet a millionaire at Monte Carlo Casino

#11 Go to Carnevale in Venice

#12 Ride a hot air balloon/sky dive

#13 Make lifelong friendships (CHECK)




#14 Take a picture of any city from a high rooftop (CHECK)


#15 Revisit wineries I interned at in Tuscany and Piedmont (CHECK)


#16 Meet relatives in Rome (CHECK)

The family

The family

#17 Take a doubledecker bus tour of London

#18 Leave a note in Juliet’s wall in Verona

#19 Pregame my flight home (CHECK.. I don’t recommend this)

#20 See Jersey Boys or Les Mis in London

#21 See Platform 9 3/4

#22 Tour of BBC Television Centre before it closes

#23 Guiness or Jameson distillery tour (Heineken-CHECK)


#24 Ride the London Eye (CHECK)


#25 Ride a vespa..without crashing (very common)

#26 Ride a camel in Morocco

#27 Hike Cinque Terre (CHECK)


#28 Go to a Fashion Week event in Paris, London, or Milan

#29 Watch the sunset from the Duomo (CHECK)

#30 Make my mark on the Lennon Wall in Prague (CHECK)

Looks like there are still a couple things I can add to my “Before I die” Bucket List!

2 Responses to “Study Abroad Bucket List (Revisited)”

  1. Chimo May 24, 2013 at 7:36 am #

    Dear Marlo:

    you forgot to add running the bulls with uncle Chimo!

    • marlomarisie May 24, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

      AHH UNCLE CHIMO WE MISS YOU!!! COME VISIT! We need to do our Route 66 Roadtrip!

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