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30 Little Things I Miss About Rome

28 May

Some of these are sarcastic, some are not. You decide.

  1. Nuns
  2. Discovering my 2 euro wine turned to vinegar over night
  3. Walking down to The Spot for a 1 euro shot at 8 pm just because I can
  4. How nothing ever goes right, because hey.. its italy
  5. The H bus/Terravision
  6. Getting compliments everywhere I go
  7. Being called “Bella” by charming Italian men
  8. Having an excuse to make every day a special occasion
  9. Peroni
  10. Being a minority
  11. The people who automatically think “mafia” when they hear I’m from Chicago
  12. My apartment complex’s adorable security guards
  13. 2 euro slices from “The Brothers”
  14. Trekking through town with pounds of groceries in ripping bags and duffels
  15. Penis shaped pasta
  16. People observing life out their windows
  17. Twisting my ankle, everyday, on the cobblestones
  18. Burning my throat on grappa after every meal
  19. Having to wear my purse under my jacket, along with multiple secret money pouches
  20. Being on first name, facebook, cheek kissing basis with the local bar owners
  21. Having to hang my laundry to dry, but not being able to hang it out the window.. What’s the fun in that?!
  22. Planning to be hungover for an excuse to indulge in Chinese buffet with no shame
  23. The low life club promoters
  24. Clapping when a Ryan Air plane lands
  25. Eating a whole pizza by yourself is normal and expected, and you’re looked down on if you don’t!
  26. Trying a new gelato flavor or Italian pastry every day because you need to try them all before your trip is over
  27. Re-wearing outfits over and over.. and over until the next Zara shopping spree
  28. When the Tiber smells like the sewage
  29. Popping bottles at every major monument
  30. Using the excuse, “When in Rome,” for every irrational decision

Arrivederci! I’ll miss you..

9 Jan
After a year of planning and excitement the day has finally come to depart on the trip of a lifetime. There are a few things about life in America that I’ll miss. More importantly¬†I have many people to thank for their support and I’ll miss them so much. Here’s to you!
  1. Hot showers. Thank God for dry shampoo.. 
  2. Free ice water at restaurants. I’m cheap and prone to passing out from dehydration..this might be a problem.
  3. My dad’s famous cooking. Ha, who am I kidding..I’ll be in the land of delicious cuisine!
  4. My entire wardrobe and all my shoes :””(
  5. Chinese nights with my best friends
  6. Down to Earth, genuine midwesterners. It’s hard to beat us.

Speaking of, I’ll miss..

Marquette best friends

Marquette Best Friends

Alpha Phi Sisters

Alpha Phi Sisters – Good luck during recruitment!!

MUTV Family

MUTV Family

Abby Family

The Abby Family

Best friends from High School

High School Best Friends

My Pham Bam

My Pham Bam


Auntie Janet's Booze Camp

My Cousins (& Aunt and Uncle)


My Baby, Cami

But most importantly,


The parents that make it all possible and my sister, Dominique

I’m so grateful for all of you and I’m so excited to share my journey with you. Next time you’ll hear from me I’ll be in Italy!


Until next time, Ciao!